Umicore forbedrer luftkvaliteten i København

Umicore forbedrer luftkvaliteten i København

Affaldsforbrændingsanlæg sætter nye udledningsstandarder - og byder på skiløb med udsigt ud over København

Umicore has supplied SCR DeNOx catalyst to Amager Bakke, Copenhagen’s new state of the art waste-to-energy plant.

In addition to the SCR catalyst, Umicore’s scope also included basic engineering of the SCR system as well as review and comments to the detailed engineering. Today the plant is in successful operation and recieves a large number of visitors from all over the world who wants to see the technologies applied with their own eyes.

A dramatic emission reduction
This is the first SCR-installation in a Danish waste-to-energy plant. With the new catalyst, NOx emissions from Amager Bakke will be dramatically reduced. This catalyst is designed to reduce NOx emissions by more than 96% and dioxin/furan emissions by more than 98%. Ammonia slip will be virtually zero, since any excess ammonia after the SCR catalyst will be captured in a scrubber.
Amager Bakke is the first SCR-installation in a Danish waste-to-energy plant. Hopefully more SCR-installations will follow in the future, as requirements for air quality become more ambitious!

Great skiing also provided
Amager Bakke is a prestige project for all involved parties. It sets new standards for environmental performance, energy production and waste treatment. The building includes a roof-wide artificial ski slope open to the public. With Amager Bakke’s central location at Margretheholmen, there is also an excellent view over Copenhagen.
Amager Bakke is thus a multi-purpose plant, providing energy and waste treatment, as well as being a leisure facility and architectural landmark.